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How To Submit Feature Requests For Qlik Products

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How To Submit Feature Requests For Qlik Products

If you have a product suggestion, a good place to start is to search the knowledge base and Ideas Exchange to see if the enhancement request has already been submitted and published. Next, if you would like to see if others may have some suggestions or workarounds related to your feature request, the Qlik Community is a great place to have this discussion.

If you would like to submit a new feature request, our Ideas section in the Qlik Community is open for all registered customers. 

Feature requests are qualified and prioritized based on their value to improving and enhancing the Qlik product. For successful feature request, please consider including a strong business case on why you think the change would be beneficial, including:

  • Functionality: How does the product work now? How would you like it to work in the future? 
  • Motivation: Why is the change important for your business?
  • Importance: What is the impact if the feature request is not approved?
  • Benefits: What is the impact if the feature request is implemented?

Where to find the Qlik Ideas Exchange

  1. Go to the Qlik Community
  2. Log in!
  3. After logging in, navigate to Ideation

    Subit an Idea.png

  4. Here you can browse Ideas, vote, and leave your thoughts.


How to submit an Idea on the Idea Exchange

  1. Review Ideation Guidelines: How to Submit an Idea for submission guidelines and eligibility information. 
  2. Inside the Idea Exchange, click Suggest and Idea

    Suggest an Idea.png

  3. Once on the next page, locate the Suggest an Idea button

    Suggest an Idea here.png
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