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How to Apply a Signed License Key to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Digital Support
Digital Support

How to Apply a Signed License Key to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows



This article covers the details on how to license a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server with a Signed License Key.

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The Signed License Key is:

  • Replacing the 16 digits license key and control number.
  • JSON Web token.
  • Secure communication, https://

To apply a Signed License Key, a secure network connection is required to be established: A signed license key requires connectivity to license.qlikcloud.com. It can establish in any of the security scenarios below: 

The Signed License Key will be delivered to you via email, in the same email that you normally receive the standard license key 16 digits and control number.

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IMPORTANT Consideration(s)

I. Please note that after changing to a license with a signed key, you cannot return to using the old LEF based license model. If you want to go back to the old LEF based license model a new installation will be required.

II. If the SLK is already in use in another Qlik Sense or QlikView environment including SaaS, and Analyzer allocations are in place for users that exist in the new environment, the users may be assigned a Professional license automatically regardless, leading to the user having both Professional and Analyzer allocations. This new Professional allocation will then synchronize to the pre-existing environments. If the user has no allocation in any existing environment(s), the user with an assign legacy Token will automatically be assigned a Professional license, which synchronizes to pre-existing environments.

1. Launch the QMC 
2. Go to License Management

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3. As a default, you will be prompted to apply the Signed License Key. Paste the code into the designated area.

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4. Click on Apply

5. If the license is successfully applied in the QMC, the Hyperlink (Use serial number and control number) to go back to license through the old model will disappear and on the left hand side will only say Signed license key.

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Note: System must have access to the external network to authenticate the license with the Qlik Sense License database. 

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Hello Support

How do we reuse the signed license key ? Is it possible to reuse the key once we decide to uninstall the environment where the SLK is used and install fresh Qlik sense in a different region  or Data center ?


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @tomissac 

That is possible, yes. Note that the Signed License key will sync user allocation. So prior to moving servers and/or decommissioning the old server, we'd recommend you delete the current user assignments, as they will otherwise be carried over.

All the best,

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