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NPrinting On Demand: An error occurred code 403 message - User has no rights to access the resource

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NPrinting On Demand: An error occurred code 403 message - User has no rights to access the resource

With Microsoft IIS deployed as the webserver, NPrinting On-Demand fails with: 

An error occurred: {"code":403,"message":"User has no rights to access the resource"


  • Qlik NPrinting 
  • QlikView Custom Accesspoint on Microsoft IIS Server



  1. Check that you have fully configured all the prerequisites accurately from the installation and configuration requirements as documented on the Qlik Online Help > On-Demand reports > Creating On-Demand reports requirements.
  2. Check that the User Account used to Run NPrinting Reports is a member of either the NPrinting 'Developer' or 'Administrator' security role. For permissions necessary for an custom role for On Demand users, visit Troubleshooting QlikView On Demand with NPrinting ... - Qlik Community - 1759095 
  3. Review the steps for creating and using a self-signed certificate covered under How to configure NPrinting On-Demand with JWT Authentication for QlikView that uses IIS
  4. If any of the configuration/requirements steps are missed, this too can cause the issue:
  5. How to configure on demand: Help > On-Demand reports > Enabling On-Demand reports 
  6. If using a third party see How to configure a .pfx certificate for use with N... - Qlik Community - 1711079  to accurately configure your certificates.
    • It is critical to remove the password from the .key file (see step 3 of the above article)
  7. Certificates from a Trusted Root Authority must be installed on the Microsoft IIS server hosting QlikView AccessPoint in the Trusted Roots and Personal Folder as 'local machine' in the MMC certificate manager.


To verify that the thumbprint in the ON Demand installation matches the certificate thumbprint:

See image below:

Path to the On-Demand .json file on the QV IIS server where the On-Demand components is as follows: 

C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax\htc\addons


OnDemand certificate thumbprint.png


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