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Qlik Enterprise Manager Analytics in Qlik Sense

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Qlik Enterprise Manager Analytics in Qlik Sense


Qlik Enterprise Manager (formerly Attunity Enterprise Manager) simplifies the management of multiple Qlik Replicate servers. allowing you to design, execute, monitor tasks running across the enterprise through a single plane of glass.


As an alternative to using the analytics capabilities within Qlik Enterprise Manager, we have created a template Qlik Sense app that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits Qlik Sense has to offer in the cloud.


The free Qlik Enterprise Manager Monitor app is designed to help you gain insights from your  Qlik Enterprise Manager logs


Check out this short overview video to see the app in action.

Using Qlik Sense with performance logs is one of many perfect use cases and we hope that this template app allows you to get better, faster insights on performance and resource utilization for your tasks and servers so you can quickly pinpoint any potential issues and make better data-informed decisions for capacity planning and load-balancing.


Download the zip file which contains;


  • QEM Monitor app_qvf - the Qlik Enterprise Manager Monitor  template app for Qik Sense
  • Setup Guide_pdf - Setup and configuration guide
  • Dataset.json - config file required for Data Transfer to transfer Qlik Enterprise Manager logs to your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS tenant.


Follow the Setup guide to get up and running and start gaining better, faster insights with Qlik Sense


Note: You will need to nave a functioning Qlik Enterprise Manager environment that is actively generating log files to be analyzed in the Qlik Enterprise Manager Monitor app

You will also need access to a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS tenant with a professional license and have tenant admin permissions to configure the app and data transfer of the logs

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@Adam_Mayer  - Just to say that now there's the Hybrid Data Delivery option, it might be worth updating these instructions to use that instead of Qlik DataTransfer since it's a much more streamlined process and doesn't need any additional software installing (although may need a Replicate/Enterprise Manager upgrade and an S3 bucket)... 

Notes of my work to use it in that scenario:

  • Fulfil the Postgres as a source requirements: Server side ‒ Qlik Replicate including:
    • postgres drivers on Replicate server 
    • allow replication in postgres config
  • Set up a Replicate Task to push the QEM Analytics database to Qlik Cloud Landing
  • Create Landing & Storage Assets in QS SaaS
  • Update LOADPREFIX and QVDLOCATION variables to point to the files in the Storage area (including adding .public to the LOADPREFIX) and get rid of the trailing _ from PREFIX... so my variables looked like this:
    SET LOADPREFIX="QEM Analytics Storage/public.";
    SET QVDLOCATION="lib://Data Space:DataFiles/";

Then it loads! 


@Adam_Mayer  and @AlexOmetis  I also configured this solution to work with HDD.  It may help a replicate customer easily realize this solution without having to install QDT. 

For an existing customer that also has Qlik Sense Client Managed, it is also not hard to adapt the script to load from the postgresql tables directly and auto-distribute the reloaded app to Qlik SaaS for consumption (or local QSCM consumption).   Qlik Sense Client Managed has fewer limitations than QDT and can help with the use case as well. 

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