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Qlik Sense - How to troubleshoot Engine related issue

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Qlik Sense - How to troubleshoot Engine related issue

Accessing or navigating through the Qlik Sense Hub may show Engine related error messages.

The messages may vary and are not limited to:  

An error occurred No available Qlik Sense Engine Was found. Refresh your browser or contact your system administrator.

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Connection to the Qlik Sense Engine failed for unspecified reasons. Refresh your browser or contact your system administrator

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No Engine server is available for the following app app:_hub

No broker service available

An error has occurred

This article provided guidance on how to troubleshoot these issues, as well commonly known solutions.


Qlik Sense any version 



The above errors indicate communication problems between the Qlik Sense Proxy service, the Qlik Sense Engine service, and the Qlik Sense Dispatcher service (also known as the Broker service).

Are the Qlik Sense services running?

  • Connect to the server(s) supposed to run the Qlik Sense Engine Service to find out whether the service is up and running.
  • Verify the same for the Dispatcher Service

Suggested Action: Try to restart those services

Can the Engine(s) be reached by the Management Service (QMC)?

  • Open QMC and in Configure System go to Engines and make sure it/they are marked as running

Suggested Action: Try to restart those services and verify that all architecture requirements are met (see next step).

Architecture requirements

Log file analysis

Suggested actions: Review the logs with a timestamp of the encountered issue to find related error messages.  

Search the available Qlik knowledge bases 

Using the symptom and error messages found in the Qlik Sense log files, search the available knowledge bases

Common symptoms and resolutions

Qlik Sense Repository and/or Proxy unable to perform operation due to buffer space
Hub Error: Connection to Qlik Sense engine failed for unspecified reasons
Connection to the Qlik Sense engine failed for unspecified reasons randomly on the hub

Log a Support Ticket

If the above did not help resolve the issue, or further investigation is required, please reach out to Qlik Support.

  • Collect the Qlik Sense logs How To Collect Qlik Sense Log Files
    • Make sure that the Logging Level set in the QMC -> Engine -> Logging is set to INFO and DEBUG. We recommend to use DEBUG mode only for troubleshooting purpose. Under a loaded environment this mode can created instabilities. 
  • Include at least one timestamp and UserID of when the issue was seen
  • Include detailed symptoms of the problem, such as an error message, problem experienced by the end user or administrator, and a screen capture of the error message
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