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Qlik Web Connectors - How to allow IP adresses

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Qlik Web Connectors - How to allow IP adresses

Step by Step Instructions 


Editing deploy.config file

  1. Open the connector folder
  2. Search for the deploy.config file and open it with a text editor
  3. Change the AllowRemoteAccess parameter to true "<AllowRemoteAccess>true </AllowRemoteAccess>"
  4. Search for DefaultAllowedIpAddresses and set the Ip addresses that need access to the webconnector. "<DefaultAllowedIpAddresses></DefaultAllowedIpAddresses>"
  5. Save and close the deploy.config file
  6. Start the service or QlikWebConnectors.exe


UI Settings

  1. Open the browser
  2. go to http://localhost:5555/web
  3. Settings :Francisco_Fernandez_0-1626850460932.png
  4. Set the same IPs used in the "DefaultAllowedIpAddresses" parameter.
  5. please make sure to use the same configuration if multiple users with admin privileges are enabled.


Notes: it's strongly suggested to enable SSL when AllowRemoteAccess is set to true. 


  • Qlik Web Connectors - any version


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