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Service is Unavailable error when accessing a CSV file with the Qlik Sense Web File Connector

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Service is Unavailable error when accessing a CSV file with the Qlik Sense Web File Connector

Accessing a .CSV file with the Qlik Sense Web File Connector fails with Service is Unavailable


Screenshot 2022-02-09 013233.png

Engine system logs

ERROR        QlikServer1        0210df73-0c1e-4157-8b84-e90fbbc541f8        20220201T172702.490+0100        12.878.15.0        Command=Doc::CreateConnection;Result=503;ResultText=Error: Service Unavailable        87723a64-7f75-4d20-b878-c4aa94b33cff        1f94a9d3-d453-45a0-a359-ab95d5c2f0f4        56        DOMAIN        qvservice        c29abc66-f3fc-4a55-bb85-0610324cbc14        21595c90-f4ef-4384-ad20-04bf85c35df5        Web File Test        Engine        Not available        Doc::CreateConnection        Doc::CreateConnection        503        A connection with the server could not be established


Engine trace logs

ERROR        QlikServer1        System.Engine.Engine        86        fed3689f-5ea3-4f2d-9bfa-c02fca21769a        DOMAIN\qvservice        Webfile Connector: Failed to get the IP address of www.xxxxxx.com 






  1. Stop the Qlik Sense Engine Service.
  2. In the [Settings 7] section in Settings.ini, add the setting WebFileUseWinAPI=0

    [Settings 7] 

    In both Qlikview and Qlik Sense, setting the settings.ini WebFileUseWinAPI = 1 will activate the old way of handling web files which use Windows APIs instead of libcurl and lets Windows handle the proxy redirecting. Since the internet proxy is bypassed using libcurl it is useful to activate this setting if you require the web traffic to go through the proxy.

    For instructions on how to edit the settings.ini file see How to modify Qlik Sense Engine's Settings.ini.

  3. Start the Engine Service.


Information provided on this defect is given as is at the time of documenting. For up-to-date information, please review the most recent Release Notes or contact support at support.qlik.com with the ID QB-8941 for reference.



If Qlik Sense Enterprise is upgraded from either June 2020, September 2020, November 2020, February 2021 to either of Qlik Sense May 2021, August 2021, November 2021 versions, the above setting still needs to be added in settings.ini, however, the change is not required for "Fresh" installations of Qlik Sense May 2021, August 2021, November 2021 versions.


Fix Version:

A fix is delivered in the Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows February 2022 release. 




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