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Web Connectors 365 Sharepoint: unauthorized_client, error_description AADSTS700016

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Digital Support

Web Connectors 365 Sharepoint: unauthorized_client, error_description AADSTS700016


Due to some changes in APIs from Microsoft all the Qlik web connectors older than 2.77.1 are showing the following error:

"unauthorized_client","error_description":"AADSTS700016: Application with identifier 'd0d91486-245f-4d75-b12c-e450964213bf'


A message may be displayed:

Permissions requested  Accept for your organization




Upgrade to one of the following versions:

  • March 2020 (any patch)
  • December 2020

Please bear in mind that a new app registration is required in azure with the following app id 37581f7b-a882-4006-9382-1439099a2f75 within the enterprise applications.

Find attach a quick guide to troubleshoot the problems that you might encounter upgrading.

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Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind , I am trying to Authenticate my Qlik web Connector to SharePoint through app registration in Azure AD directory. But I am stuck at  "Need admin approval" screen after clicking on Authenticate button in Qlik Web connector. This lead me to googling and scanning through Qlik forum for many days without answers.

Situation: I am Qlik server admin however, I am not a SharePoint admin in my organization. When I contacted SharePoint team they said this need to be sorted though Azure app registration. So created Azure app.


1. Unlike you mentioned in your above post, Azure doesnt allow us to change the Client_ID. It is unique ID generated by Azure when creating app. What am I missing here?

2. So when I clicked Authenticate button from my web connector, I changed default Client ID from "37581f7b-a882-4006-9382-1439099a2f75" to our app client ID "1abc..." And then  I got "unverified"? please see attached image. And then I further replaced word "common" with app tenant id in the url, this resulted in me seeing our domain name. However, I am still getting same error message as need admin approval.

3. Is there is some other part of the url that I need to change? for example, do I have to add client secret value somewhere? or do I have to edit client-request-id or mscrid or sso_nonce that is being sent with Authenticate URL (when Authenticate button is clicked on Qlik web connector page)?

4. Is there is place within Qlik webconnector installation files where I can add our Azure app Client _ID?

5. from authentica URL I obtained redirect url and added this to Azure AD app. Is this right (https://connector.qlik.com/auth/oauth/v2.htm)?

Please let me know what I need to do from Azure AD app registration to get Qlik web connector Office 365 SharePoint connector Authentication code. Your help will be much appreciated.




AZure app registration



Before changing Client_ID

Getting this page if I dont change "Common" in Authenticate  urlGetting this page if I dont change "Common" in Authenticate url
I get above "Unverified" error when I dont change "Common" to "tenant ID" in Authenticate url
Verified-but still need admin approval.PNG
after replacing "Authenticate" button url with our Azure app client ID and tenant ID, I get our domain name (redacted in blue in above image). However, still I get "need admin approval" message. I am stuck here. Dont know how to proceed further. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Mr_Pearl 

I've checked with a subject matter expert for you and we recommend Administrator approval and consent for Web Connectors (Azure /Microsoft ad) for your investigation. Should that not help you resolve the issue, please post in our forums, where our active community and our agents can help you further.

Example forum: Connectivity & Data Prep.

All the best,


Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind , Thank you for your effort and time. Since you have re-iterated, I will get back to our Azure team to see if they could re-investigate it. Once again thank you so much. uch appreciate it.

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