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Activate or Reactivate QlikView NPrinting Designer

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Activate or Reactivate QlikView NPrinting Designer

Follow these steps to activate a new installation of QlikView NPrinting Designer or reactivate a deactivated one automatically if you have internet access.

Please note: This tutorial refers to QlikView NPrinting versions starting from 16.0, the licensing system, and the activation procces, is changed starting from this version. Now NPrinting activation, both Server and Designer, is similar to the QlikView one.

You can download NPrinting Designer from the website. To activate your copy of NPrinting Designer, after installing it, or reactivate an installation that you deactivated to move to another machine after you have obtained a License key and a Control number.


Download NPrinting Designer


Log into the website with your credentials and open the download area, then:

  1. Select the "QlikView" tab
  2. Scroll down the "Product" list and select "QlikView NPrinting Designer"
  3. Click on the setup to download it

Install it as an usual Windows software. Remember to right click on the setup file and select the option "Run as Administrator".



Start up NPrinting Client


Open QlikView NPrinting Designer, you will see the window above.


(Re)Activate QlikView NPrinting Designer

  1. Insert your License key and Control number in the first two lines. The "Next" button will be enabled.
  2. Type your User name and Organization in the second two lines.
  3. Click "Next" to complete the activation

Enjoy Success


The message confirms that NPrinting Designer is activated. Click on OK to start NPrinting.


Enthusiast III
Enthusiast III

Useful info for the people who are new to Nprinting..

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