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Color Themes with ColorMix.qvf

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Color Themes with ColorMix.qvf


Hi all


I saw recently this post  about a very usefull and easy way to apply theme color in charts , map , gauge , crosstable and so on.


using colormix1 or colormix2 functions to set a range of colors depending of data , mesures, dimensions .. and using variable to define rgb colors in one time.


Thanks to ryy for this amazing exemple and sharing this App.


following this example I take avantage of this app and complete it with 2 others sheets.


First of them use variable button rather than imput text field to set color theme.



Second sheet added consists in a panel sheet to set up independantly for both dark color and light color the RGB values and see how colors are shading from one to the other :


I fixed 2 issues :


first : now by default in sheet with theme using variable button the app open by default on second theme 'Forest'

you can change the default theme by changing in variable panel the variable vcolorchoice figure 2 by 1 for aqua and 3 for purple  theme.


second : in last sheet : set color theme by slider : by default the app open with predifined value in the differents sliders, so that charts are not displayed in grey.




hope it could be usefull



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This is FANTASTIC! One of the most helpful app posted on QlikCommunity! Thanks. Great work!



Hi guys,


can we add a variable into the formular

ColorMix1( rank(total column(1))/noofrows(TOTAL) , rgb(15,97,119), rgb(36,242,197))


ColorMix1( rank(total v_color, rgb(15,97,119), rgb(36,242,197))?


Is there an option to do it like this? cause it does not work like I want it.


Kind regards




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