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Top 10 Geo Tips, QlikWorld 2020

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Top 10 Geo Tips, QlikWorld 2020




At QlikWorld 2020 I planned to host a session called "Top 10 GeoAnalytics Tips". Here's the app with all tips including test data. Tip titles as follows, see the app for details.

  • Line wrap
  • MGRS
  • Correcting location
  • Some tips for Cluster
  • Overview map
  • Images from Sense server
  • WMS to TMS
  • Speed up connector operations with csv
  • WorldMap
  • WMS parameters
  • Map theme settings
  • Drill down to floorplan
  • Time zones
  • Tooltip table
  • Find nearest airports
  • Decimal degrees
  • Highlighting
  • Basketball
  • GeoJSON mix
  • Image library
  • Opacity background layer
  • Arbitrary expressions for the chart layer
  • Link to app

If you liked it, here's more tips in the same style:

Similar but for Visualizations in general:



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