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Contributor III
Contributor III

No Sheets Are Available

Hey Community -

We just upgrade our environment to from April 2019 to November 2019 and I see that QlikSense now offers full support for web@work through Mobile Iron.  

I am trying to use the QlikSense mobile app and everything works fine until I open an app when I see "No Sheets Are Available".  Here is what I did:

  •  Downloaded the QlikSense mobile app from the app store
  • Generated a client authentication link from the hub on my desktop, emailed it to myself
  • Opened link from my mobile device, this popped up the mobile app.
  • Entered my enterprise credentials 
  • Navigated to an app that everyone has access to and at the app overview page I get "No Sheets Are Available"

Whats really odd is that I can see bookmarks and if I access those bookmarks it will take me to the sheets of the app.  From there I can clear the selections of the bookmark and then navigate through the app.  But without those bookmarks I have no way to access the app.

Any ideas?  I have users beating down the door to get access to the mobile app.

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Former Employee
Former Employee


We had this issue recently. Raising a request with Qlik . There was no solution from the team. 

However, this happens due to the access issue. The access is moving to the client device/account in the HUB. 
Possible to have someone edit a security role? Yes. There was nothing set up in our site. The solution for this was to repair the Qliksense installation. For us the service dispatcher was corrupted. The repair fixed it.