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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

How to Create Qlik Sense Testing Environment

Hi Team, 

Need your advice/solution over the below tough situation:

Scenario: We need to upgrade from Qlik Sense 3.2.3 to Latest Version (Document already read from Qlik Help) and Update OS also.

But there are numerous of application on Qlik Sense production and Nprinting is sending reports to BU after wards

Problem Statement :   We cant try to upgrade QS to the latest version on production environment. First we need to test the process but unfortunately we don't have any test environment (Misery). 

Question1: How can we create test environment? Server is hosted on AWS

Question2: Can we create AMI of the server and Launch it as instance but this will give me compliance issue of running same license on two machine.

Question3: Can we use server created from AMI by putting new licences . (DO QLik provide Test License?)

Looking forward for discussion/soultion/suggestion. Please help.

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