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Contributor III
Contributor III

I like to get the list of all the task names, Host Server, Where Status=Started

I like to get the list of all the task names, Host Server, Where Status=Started


We have 3-4 Qlik Engines, Schedulers in cluster. 

This morning, while some ETL pre-processing running, I manually checked each started tasks for the host server name. Found 2 servers where doing all the tasks. So immediately I restarted the Engine & Scheduler services on the 3rd server.

Because I took that proactive action, when the huge number of apps started to load, all servers started participating. Thus speeding the whole process.


So I need a good way to get the list of host servers which can give me a quick picture of whats happening with all the tasks recently processed/processing.

Hope I could explain properly. 

*Qlik Sense November 2021 Patch 12.


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hello @HI6 

Have you tried the monitoring apps? Reloads monitor(Reload summary) might give you a good overview on your tasks.


Eduardo Monteiro




Contributor III
Contributor III

I used following Qlik Cli powershell and serves my purpose:
$Proxy = @(
"QlkSrv101", #DEV
" QlkSrv201", #PreProd
" QlkSrv301" #Prod

$VProxy = "Admin"

$ConnectionOptions = @{
Hostname = $Proxy[2] #Set to Prod and [1] is PreProd
VirtualProxy = $VProxy
TrustAllCertificates = $true
Passthru = $false

# Connect with Splatted properties
$qrsclient = Connect-QlikSense @ConnectionOptions

#Show only Started & Aborted tasks. Remove Hash from following section to include Failed and/or Successful tasks.

$Filter = @(
"Operational.LastExecutionResult.Status eq $([QlikSenseCLI.Model.TaskExecutionStatus]::Started)",
"Operational.LastExecutionResult.Status eq $([QlikSenseCLI.Model.TaskExecutionStatus]::Aborted)"#,
"Operational.LastExecutionResult.Status eq $([QlikSenseCLI.Model.TaskExecutionStatus]::FinishedFail)"#,
#"Operational.LastExecutionResult.Status eq $([QlikSenseCLI.Model.TaskExecutionStatus]::FinishedSuccess)"
) -join " or "

$QSReloadtasks = Get-QSReloadtask -Full -Filter $Filter

#Shows the output in Grid
$QSReloadtasks|Select-Object -Property Name,@{Name="ExecutingNodeName";Expression={$_.Operational.LastExecutionResult.ExecutingNodeName}},@{Name="Status";Expression={$_.Operational.LastExecutionResult.Status}} |Out-GridView