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Sense Operations Monitor

  • Operations Monitor: Investigate Sense system activity and performance, including app reloads, user sessions, sheet usage, QMC changes, Sense Engine performance logs, and errors and warnings.
    • v7.16.0.2 (April 2020 release)
      • No change in data model, but just UI update to facilitate Export Links to QCS: New sheet called "Export Links for Cloud"
    • v7.16.0 (September 2019 release)
      • June 27, 2019: Fixes missing Export CSV (QLIK-96596) and checks for empty log files to avoid reload failure (QLIK-96349) - 7.16.1.qvf
      • June 20, 2019 Fixes issue with mismatched Session End and Session Start visible on Session Details sheet (QLIK-93738)
    • v7.15.0 (April 2019 release)
      • Sheet usage within an app, including which sheets not used in given time periods (requires Sense February 2019 or later) 
      • Compatibility: February 2019 forward, though can be used with April 2018 and later with a few minor chart issues (missing "Always one selected value")
        • Also update the monitor_apps_REST_user_condensed data connection to add the appropriate userId and password, the same userId & password for the other monitor_apps_REST data connections
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