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Contributor III
Contributor III

Abort Command

It appears QlikSense does not have a simple way to abort the script AND show the run as a failure.  I come from a SAS background and in that language, there was a command called ABORT.  this would terminate the script and throw an error so it was very obvious the run was a failure.  Without this functionality, a scheduled task could terminate early due to an exit script call, but the task status would be success.


I derived a work around solution below, but would love if something like this were native to the qlik script language 🙂


/* Abort. */


Created: 20190201 - Kenneth Krehbiel

This sub is used to terminate a qlik script and intentionally throw an error.
Using exit script alone will kill the script, but not show the run as a failure.
Thus you could easily miss a bad run via the qmc...

Note that the command is a direct ripoff of the SAS command ABORT...


Sub Abort(AbortMessage);
******************** ERROR! ********************
Exiting Script...
******************** ERROR! ********************;
intentional error - see message above for details;
Exit Script;
End Sub;


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

You are correct there is no native exit with error command.  Traditionally what we have done is just put the message as a statement, which will be invalid and generate an error. 




Terminating due to missing file.


Contributor III
Contributor III



Thanks for your reply!  I like both those methods you provided.  Though I still think having an explicit command like ABORT would be a nice feature in some future version of Qlik.  Just helps new users if they are familiar with other programming languages.