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Contributor II
Contributor II

Actual CV count and Data loaded in Qlik Sense count Mismatch


My CV count is 14k (checked sql ) but when I load data in qlik sense I m getting 1 Lakh + count.

I m using SAP HANA and added some condition in Data load editor 

for eg:

SQL select Col1,



where IFNULL("Col54",'N') <> 'Value'
and COALESCE("Col5",'N')='N'
and ("ACTIVE_FLAG"='Yes' or "Col1" in (select t1.Col6 from CV_NAME" t1));


I m using same CV in inner query also. Even after commenting last line I m getting more count compare to actual count.



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Hi, you are using this exact same wuery in Qlik and it returns a different number of rows than in HANA? Something has to be different, maybe some kind of permissions, or the connection is to another system or the qlik script is doing something more than duplicates files.

Double check that everything is really the same and nothing more is done on Qlik.