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Contributor III
Contributor III

Adding dimension to straight table hides null values

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a very weird behaviour with the straight table diagram. When I add the dimension Type, records with null values in this dimension are hidden in the table. I did not uncheck the "Show null values" Option in the dimension.

Moreover, the records are not actually excluded from the table diagram, they reappear when I filter for them specifically and the Dimension Name does not cause this even if Name and Type part of the same table (2).
I am left clueless, has anyone ever had a similar issue?

The Type dimension exactly shows the behaviour as if I unchecked "show null values" but I didn't. Those are all regular dimensions, not Master Items.

What I want to see:

(1)ID (2)ID (2)Name (2)Type
1 1 name1 object
2 - - -
3 3 name3 thing
4 - - -


What I see before adding the Type dimension:

(1)ID (2)ID (2)Name
1 1 name1
2 - -
3 3 name3
4 - -


What I see after adding the Type dimension:

(1)ID (2)ID (2)Name (2)Type
1 1 name1 object
3 3 name3 thing


I get the records 2 and 4 to show up if I filter for them. They pop up in the straight table again.

Table (1) and (2) are linked by ID 



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