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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Application Checklist: Streamline your Qlik development process

"Developers' agility is defined by the repeatable processes they have in place" - are we ready to agree on this one?

While CI/CD is a growingly tempting concept, the necessity of it is defined by questions "Does it work today?" and "Will it continue to work tomorrow?". Such questions put in place the continuous testing environment, where the success criteria are being formed. What's more valuable - this concept is scalable and at this point I'd like to introduce you how we enhanced the deployment process in Qlik Sense with Gitoqlok by introducing Pre-deployment checklists.


The control over Qlik application production process is crucial to any developer. Even better - if the production workflow has an established set of general criteria to follow. Latest Gitoqlok's enhancement features the Side Panel in Google Chrome to provide a list of Pre-deployment checklists for your Qlik application. 

We have converged on Data Model and Visual Layer optimization recommendations along with an option to hold a QSDA Pro performance check-up to include in our first checklist. Each section is filed up with a list of items any user may check as completed. 


Once you're satisfied with the compliance of your app with the checklist components, - publish it right there.  

This is the community space where the list of checklists can be posted - you may share your expertise across the Qlik community on what to look at prior to setting your Qlik app live.  

While the workflow might be holistic across Qlik devs, there are still specifics within each team or company. You might have established to run a QSDA Pro analysis on your app systematically or converged on using Set Analysis in charts? No problem with that - you can create your custom checklist and share it within the Qlik community with ease.

Be one of the first ones to test Application Checklist and let us know what you think!

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