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Can someone please explain how Join and concantenation works here together.The code is below

  left join ([Total Cases Created])



    OrgID as TCC_OrgID,

    TicketID as TCC_TicketID

Resident [ticket];


  CONCATENATE ([Total Cases Created])



  "KNOX TicketID" as TCC_TicketID,

    'KNOX' as TCC_ServiceType

   Resident [BPST KNOX ];

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First the fields from the tickets table will be left joined into Total Cases Created table and then BPST KNOX table's field will be concatenated to Total Cases Created table. Does that answer your question or are you looking for something else?

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The field 'KNOX'  as TCC_ServiceType is not part of BPST KNOX will that be a problem?


Dear Ankit,

   Join syntax is used to connect some tables with same structure or data manipulation in queries.

   Concatenate is used whe you want to create new fields in a existing table, avoiding two tables and centralizing data.

   Take a look on this two links:

Concat - script function ‒ QlikView

Combining tables with Join and Keep ‒ QlikView

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Ricardo Gerhard
OEM Solution Architect
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Hi Ankit,

If 'KNOX'  as TCC_ServiceType is not the part of it , why do you write it in the load statement , It is syntactical wrong. Please remove it and run he script it will run fine.

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Ankit Chaudhary wrote:

The field 'KNOX'  as TCC_ServiceType is not part of BPST KNOX will that be a problem?

No, you can create additional fields in your load statement, fields that are not part of your input table.

Here, you are creating a field named TCC_ServiceType with a constant literal value 'KNOX'

This is often used when concatenating multiple tables, to identify the source of data later on.

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Apologies, I missed double quotes there .

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Ankit,

       Consider you have table A, In that table you have a field as ID values 1,2,3. And the you have an another table B,

In that you have a fields ID, Name the corresponding value (1,2) and (Raj,Ram). If you LEFT JOIN these tables,you wil get following output.

                                      ID     Name

                                       1      Raj

                                       2      Ram

                                       3        -

Then assume you have table C in that fields ID and Name the corresponding values (4,5)and(Ravi,Raja). If you CONCATENATE with Table A you will get following output.


                                       ID   Name

                                        1    Raj

                                        2    Ram

                                        3     -

                                        4    Ravi

                                        5    Raja

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