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Can't change login user after Qlik Sense enterprise upgrade

Dear all,

We upgraded Qlik enterprise server recently, we got the following problems with IE and Chrome:

when we access the server, it bring us directly into the system with the user name and password of the last login session before the upgrade. no login window pop-up. even we logout and login again.  No need to enter password, no way to change user.

The problem only happened in IE and Chrome. it is normal when using Firefox

Thanks in advance for your help

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May be, You probably have the setting "Fetch user data on first access, then keep in sync" enabled. If you want to fetch the other users from your user directory then disable that option and run the usersynctask of the user directory connector.


The main reason for this is that Group Policies have been applied in IE, which then interfere with functionality. Symptomatically this issue would look more like a system side issue rather than Qlik Sense issue.

IE11 does support websocket, so it should be installed. I think it is more likely that your IT has applied a group policy that blocks the websocket communication in IE11. Qlik Sense (and any webpage using websocket) will unfortunately not work until you have resolved the blocking.

And, to work with Chrome, you have to enable "Full Browser and Small Device Version" in the publisher task. With out them you don't see any dashboard in Accespoint.

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Luminary Alumni

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Did your issue, resolved, then post solution, to help others.

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My staff is still working on this issue. not yet fixed, will update ASAP.


Hi all,
I had the same problem like you.
I solved it by changing on proxy (used by boths, IE and Chrome) on "Security Settings" from Internet Properties (Security tab) setting for "Local Intranet" zone the "User Authentication" to "Prompt for user and name pasword".