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Contributor III
Contributor III

Colour expression in pivot table.

Hey! I have a problem with a colour expression in my pivot table. Basically my colour expression works correctly on employee level (which is the top row in the screenshot), but when i expand and see how to hours are distributed on customers, I want the colour expression to just be white.

E.g. for week 10 it is correct that the first row i red, but the row with 50 and the row with 40 should be white.


Currently my colour expression formula is made on the "measure" background color expression:

If(count([navn])=1 and Count([Customer])>1 and Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={'FY 2021/22'}>}[Planlagte timer])>45, rgb(255,0,0),
if(Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={'FY 2021/22'}>}[Planlagte timer])<25, rgb(0,153,0),
if(Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={'FY 2021/22'}>}[Planlagte timer])>45, rgb(255,255,0), White())))

Can anybody help here?



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Hi Sebhan,

Are you using the native pivot table object when you are working on this problem?

Can you breakdown the approach you are taking in your colour expression?