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Combo Chart - Show Data on Bars / Markers


I have a Combo-Chart with one dimension and 3 measures. The measures are represented as a stacked bar chart with a marker. The first two expressions are stacked bars and the third expression is a marker. All 3 measures are on the same axis. 



Now I want to show the values of each measure on the bar / marker. So there the value for the blue and red bar should be shown as well as for the grey marker. As far as I have researched this topic there should be an option called "data on points" which I don't have (Version May 2022). I only have the option "Bar Labels" off/on but this shows only the total value of the two stacked bars and not of each segment. 



Furthermore, is it possible to change the Label of the Y-Axis to a custom text? As far as I see I can only use the titles of the three measures, which makes absolutely no sense (has anyone seen a chart in real life where the axis title consists of 3 comma separated values??)

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi, @Vaciamelli 


1. Marker lable is not able.

a workaround for this is add same expression as a line.
And the color options for this line, set the colour to be =ARGB(0,0,0,0) to make the line transparent.
And then enable the 'Point labels' option under Presentation tab.




2. By default, the label on the Y-axis displays all corresponding measurements separated by commas.

To change the label on the Y-axis to custom text,
1. Enter a blank label to use for the measurement. But even if you do this, the comma doesn't disappear.
2. Change the Y-axis label property to "label only".

Eg No. 1



Eg No.2



reply! thanks!