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Contributor III
Contributor III

Conditional number formatting Qlik sense


For the moment i´m using a conditional method to only show the expression if choosen from the users own choice.

For instans the user should be able to choose what to show. It could be the amount  for "invoiced" or sales" but also the diffrence between this years numbers compared to last years number.

However the diffrence could be shown in either $ or %. Depending on how it should be presented.

The questions is how i could determine this in qliks sense conditional? Do anyone have a solution?

The expression is orginals so it should not be changed.



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There is an option to hide column as per filter condition with "Column If condition". If you could explain more, We can dispense the condition?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

In my case i´m using the following solution to retrieve which expression to show.

Firstsorted value. I have two first sorted values. In the condition i´m using get selectedcounter(.... so this means that if the user have three options. Amount of sales, Amount of orders and the diffrence between amount of sales 2019 and 2020. The first column to show is the first option and the second the second choice.

So the conditional do work, that´s not the case. The case is that i would like when I choose  "diffrence... it shoulde be shown as a number format in percentage instead of numbers.



Creator III
Creator III

Hello Richards,

Maybe your solution is to use alternative measures for each possibility: