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Creator III
Creator III

Custom Mapping

Good Morning Qlik'ers (at least it is morning here in Germany)

I'm about to create my own map for the map-Vis and i'm stumbling over some problems and not understanding:

1. Due to the possibility of a custom map URL, is it possible to use a localhost address for example? The thing is that i want to use a picture of a storage and give it some coordinates to show the workload of each specific part.

2. So when i (hopefully) can use a custom image as map background, how can i set the coordinates. I guess i need to set the first point (top left corner 1,1) and the last point in bottom right (e.g. 50,50), so a get the coordinate patterns to put my elements in there.

3. Can anyone explain me the Attribution. I know that it is about how to interpret the URL and the image that is put there, but is there an example how this should look like?

I'm very thankful in advance.



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Creator III
Creator III

So the URL for the Map has a part in it which says "page.html?access_token=pk.as23df".

This part has to be cut out of the link for now and be edited.

When editing this i mean deleting the "page.html" part of it.

Now u got "?access_token=pk.as23df".

Now you gonna paste at the end of the formated part, (smth like   your link to the png files of the map which are "${z}/${x}/${y}.png".

Your link should look like that now  "${z}/${x}/${y}.png".

The last step is the simpliest, just paste the formated access_token part at the end of this URL and it works fine (at least for me it does )

For clarity... the link will look like this"${z}/${x}/${y}.png?access_token=pk.as23df"



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Hi Christoph,

I have a basic doubt. How do I create a custom map URL?

I have the custom map in SVG and SHP formats.