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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to Show Null Data in a Chart (Power of Gray)

How to Show Null Data in a Chart (Power of Gray)

When making selections in a Qlik chart, the default behavior is to narrow down all dimensions in the chart to only those that have data.  In other words, as you continue to drill into a Qlik object, the dimensions often present fewer and fewer options.  Additionally, it might be the case that between data loads, your data changes and you no longer have any data for a given dimensional value.

How do I create a chart object that has static dimensions, so that even when selections are made, the chart axes present ALL the dimensional values/combinations?

See screenshots below for more detail.  If you are familiar with SAS, I’m looking for the PRELOADFMT option.  This seems like it should be an option to go along with Qlik’s “Power of Gray” campaign.


Before Selection

show null before.png


After Selection

show null after.png


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Contributor III
Contributor III

I have found a solution for this on Oleg Troyansky's blog post -


Note the solution I used was in the blog comment thread.  Simply multiply the measure expression by Sum({1}1):