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Creator II
Creator II

How to remove aggregated column for one dimension value in pivot table when we use ValueList() as Dimension

Hi Qlikers,

I hope everyone doing well !!,

I have one scenario where in pivot table, I have added ValueList pivoted Dimension(MTD,YTD) to display different group of data. but the issue is, Measure-1 I just need it for MTD It shouldn't be in YTD, where as Measure-2 I should display for both MTD and YTD. For Measure-1 YTD. Is it possible to achieve this view ?

Here is the example picture -


Thank you in Advance !!

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Hi @Gopi_E 

The best solution I think would be to create 3 measures for your pivot table.

MTD - Measure 1, MTD - Measure 2, and YTD - Measure 3. 
Then add all 3 of these to your pivot.
A bit more work, but you should achieve the required result.