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Is QlikSense shared cloud able to export to csv or pdf?

I am not getting the option to do so after exporting to the shared cloud.  Is this by design?  I have not come across any documentation or references to it online.  I am using the free version, so I suspect it is a limitation related to that.  Is there a setting somewhere that is used to manage that ability for followers?  Thanks in advance.

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Contributor III

‌Hi Steve,

I've used the Free Qlik Cloud before and you can only export an object if the app isn't published.

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OK, I just purchased the Sense Cloud Plus offering just to try it out for myself. I can say with 100% certainty that it does NOT afford the capability of downloading to CSV via a right click on table visualization, nor on a crosstab. However, these very things allow download as CSV when the same app is in "personal cloud". It does let me share a bar chart via a right click.  It seems the answer is settled, even if it is not what I wanted. 

Browsers tested: Chrome 50.0.2661, Firefox 46.0

OS used: Mac OS 10.11.4, Windows 8

Thanks much to everyone who responded.  I would have liked some clarity from Qlik itself on this, but this subject is not addressed in any of the documentation I have seen, neither did any Qlik representatives I spoke with know for sure.  Presumably this does work with an Enterprise license, but I certainly won't be recommending it for purchase unless I can know without question that this is the case.

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Export data from a chart is NOT possible on SHARED cloud.

This seems to be a specifically programmed feature.

A developer can export any data from (any) browser from (any sheet) as long as this is in his/her workspace.

A Qlik specifically programmed "shooting itself in a foot" feature (without ever saying anything about it).

It specifically removed possibility of export data from any shared cloud reporting solutions.

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Alexei Akimov