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Logic for nested if and multiple buttons and multiple text objects.

Hi All,

my actual requirement as below: 


For each section i have set of questions related to. When i click on each section, respective questions will display in text objects under FAQ column as shown in the snippet. And when i click each question the respective answer should come in another new text object. 

i have achieved creating sections and respective questions using three variables for three sections. but got stuck in getting the answers when i click on question.

under section column, created three buttons. vB1, vB2, vB3.

For section 1: In actions and navigations, set as variable -v B1 -value as Not(vB1), and for for B2 and B3 as 0. Similarly For 2nd section : In actions and Navigations., set as variable vB2 - value as Not(vB2) and for B1 and B3 values as 0. 

For 3rd section:  In actions and Navigations., set as variable vB3 - value as Not(vB3) and for B1 and B2 values as 0. 

under FAQ column, created text objects, for example if i have three questions under section 1 (i.e. Dashboard Operations as shown in the figure) created three text objects, each question one text object. 

and provided the logic in the first text object as below: 

if(vB1=-1,'1st question?',
if(vB2 =-1,'2nd question',
if(vB3=-1,'3rd question')))

similarly for other two text objects with different questions. 

Now if i click Dashboard questions button under section, three text objects with three questions will display under FAQ column. 

Now From here again when i click 1st question text object , the answer should display in third column. 

can you please assist me . 

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For all the questions from all the sections, i need to get answers only in one text object in third column. 

But its one at a time, if i click any question from any section, i need the answer in third column. please help me out.