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Contributor III
Contributor III

Mandatory filter based on selected value in another filter


I have a data set, where I have revenue numbers both in local currency and EUR.  The data set is not optimal (unfortunately) and local currency values can be looked at on unit level only (otherwise there might be different local currencies summed up, which gives wrong info that doesn't make any sense). Hence, I need to create a "rule" in my dashboard that in case the user has selected "Local currency" as currency, then the user must select Unit filter too. If EUR is selected, then not mandatory to filter by Unit. 

Any idea/advise how to do this "rule" in Qliksense?

Thank you for your assistance! I truly love this community 🙂

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Have a look at the GetSelectedCount() function and use that in a calc. or display condition for your chart or column.


@a-5 this can add as condition for output.

If(GetFieldSelections(currency)='Local currency' and Getselectedcount(Unit)>0, 1,
If(Getselectedcount(Unit)>0, 1, 0))

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