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Contributor III
Contributor III

Min Max to be balanced dynamically in Line Chart - with a 0 center.


I have a Line chart with the following data (from 2019-2035) - I want to make sure that the zero is always at the center of the line chart: So I want to know the max value by province and year and set that as max y range value, take the absolute multiplied by -1 and set that as the min value - making the 0 at the center of my chart.

Province Year FTE
QC 2019 1.26
ON 2019 1.76
AB 2019 0.9
BC 2019 0.2
SK 2019 0.1
NW 2019 0.93
NT 2019 3.1



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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Try Max(Total FTE) think this will do the job


You should take the maximum value in your series, so something like this:
Max(Aggr(Sum(TOTAL FTE),Year,Province))