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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot table subtotals - Why isnt this a basic feature?

Hey all, 

I am really really surprised to find that Qlik Pivot tables do not natively support changing the position of subtotals.

They only show at the top of the data, I don't understand why there is no option to put them at the bottom.

This seems like a really simple thing, and should not require a extension to do it.

I guess you could also extend this to a table with the same question, why isn't subtotals in a table not a feature?

Can anyone shed light as to why its not native to Qlik? and is it something that would be introduced soon?

I have read posts saying 'sorry, not avail, here's a complicated workaround' or 'just bring your users on the journey'

unfortunately, this doesn't seem like a suitable answer.



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Champion III
Champion III

There is a workaround, refer this article


Vineeth Pujari
If a post helps to resolve your issue, please accept it as a Solution.

Within QlikView is an option to show sub-totals within a pivot on top or on bottom - which is also within the ajax client available. Therefore, you are right that it should be technically rather easy possible to implement this feature. I assume they skipped this property intentionally to keep the object and the available features simpler as within QlikView and I think within the most scenarios the on top version was the preferred one. Does anyone have made a feature-request for it?

By a straight-table I'm not so sure if sub-totals are technically possible because the virtual data-table on which the visual rendering is applied is AFAIK the same as by a bar- or line-chart ...

- Marcus


To answer a question with a question - why do you need the subtotals to be at the bottom? If you can provide a good reason (and ideally add it to the existing Idea threads I linked in a separate post), you'd have a better chance of perhaps getting Qlik to pick up the feature request. That said, I wouldn't hold my breath as Qlik doesn't seem inclined to add this option (personally, I don't miss it in the slightest, I've yet to encounter a use case for having them at the bottom, but of course your use cases may be different).

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Or, 

thanks for the links to the existing 'issues' / suggestion on this, going to add my support to them.

Re Why, 

simply to have the option. Not all data sets work well with totals at the top. e.g. I want to have a monthly sales flow by day and week, subtotals at the top does not allow sequential viewing of the Month to date trend.

if you have a lot of users coming from Excel based reporting, and they are used to having totals / subtotals at the bottom, then the instant reaction is 'if we have a modern and supposedly market leading product why is this not an option'.

There absolutely will be different views to this but ultimately, its the user that has the requirement so having the option solves so many issues.