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Process Mining capabilities in QlikSense

Hi all,

I come accross a lot of demand for Process Mining capabilites (process discovery and replay/ conformence checking) to be embedded in the overall product package of QlikSense. Could somebody tell me whether that is on teh roadmap for 2019?

I found only different small consultancies offering their own implementation of Process Mining within QlikSense. Example:

Would be great to see QlikSense taking up that race. Does anybody has experience in implementing process discovery algorithms in QlikSense?

Thanks in advance,




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Specialist III
Specialist III

I really like that component showing the different stages of a process.  That would be great for modeling time to sale/production or whatever process the business unit wants to keep track of.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Johann, 

I saw your post regarding Process Mining with Qlik Sense. I am the product responsible of MPM ProcessMining (the solution you have found at ). 

MPM ProcessMining is a fully Qlik Sense integrated process mining solution which includes process mining algorithms (process discovery and conformance checking), the process visualization, several template apps and predefined business content for different source systems like SAP ERP. It can be easily deployed on existing Qlik Sense servers and has a full maintenance. Companies like E.ON (large german energy provider) or CeramTec (market leading medical technology vendor) work with the solution very successfully.

We do also cooperate with other qlik partners and consultancy companies to make qlik based process mining possible at their customers.

If you are interested in this solution please send me a pm or contact us via 

Best regards, Constantin