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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Filter - Filtering on 2 columns in the same dataset issue

  1. I have a Table which has 4 columns: name, name_french, year and headcount.
  2. I have 2 sheets - English and French. On English I filter on name and French Sheet I filter on name_french.

Running into issues with being able to set the filters - some values seem locked. Or when I attempt to filter - it ignores it - cause the other sheet has placed a filter on it!

My goal is use Mashup to bring the charts in my webpage - so can't be tweaking my filters in the selection bar.

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You are a bit thin on information, but I'll do an attempt to help you.

When you do use set modifier they are applied as invisible selections on top your selections. Maybe you could solve your issue by ignoring any selection on name in the French sheet and ignore name_french in the English.




Another possible solution is to structure your data in a different manner, using these four field names: language, name, year, headcount.

language, name,      year, headcount
English,  1st grade, 2023, 10
French,  1ère année, 2023, 10
English, 2nd grade,  2023, 12
French,  2e année,   2023, 12

Then you can use language as a dimension or a selection in order to present English or French names. 

Contributor III
Contributor III

I'm not familiar with Mashup, but it sounds like you are ultimately trying to be able to filter each sheet's table independently from one another? so on sheet1, you want to filter on English name. then while that is still filtered, you want to be able to independently look at the data on your second sheet and filter as if there was not already a filter applied on sheet 1? 

If this is the case, I think creating alternate views would solve your problem. in edit mode on your sheet, go to master items->alternate states. there should already be a 'default state'. create a new one and give it a name. click on one of your tables and go to appearance->alternate states->select the new alternate state created. 

now one table will have the default state and one will have the alternate you created. they should be able to be independently filtered from within the table.