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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense; Data loading via Excel; SQL code manipulation

Esteemed Qlik Community:

I write with a quick question and a hope that someone can point me in the right direction.  I’m new to Qlik and working on my very first project.  Thus, this question may be exceedingly basic, and perhaps even stupid (if so, sorry!).

I’ll start with the simplest version of my question. Depending on reply, I may wish subsequently to add detail (e.g., a small table or two).  Following is the question:

  1. My ultimate data SOURCE is a platform called Oracle HFM, and I need to transfer data from there into Qlik.
  2. I’ve retrieved the data from HFM and placed it in a multi-tab Excel spreadsheet (which I intend to use merely as a data transit mechanism).
  3. I’ve already successfully loaded much, BUT NOT ALL, data into Qlik. (So far, so good.)
  4. For sake of simplified discussion, I shall describe two of my tables simply as Table-A and Table-B.
  5. Now, what I would like to do is create a (hereinafter) Table-C, which will be created as a synthesis of certain fields from Table-A and Table-B.
  6. The problem:  I CANNOT make Table-C as a mere join (of Table-A and Table-B), for the required data manipulation is more demanding than that.
  7. I’m (reasonably) confident that I could create Table-C if I could execute SQL code on Qlik (using Table-A and Table-B as sources, of course).
  8. So, a summary of my question would be:  Can I (1) obtain data from Excel, (2) load it into Qlik, and (3) subsequently manipulate it IN QLIK using SQL statements?

Thanks in advance for any light that you might be able to shed.




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