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Qlik User access pass question


Could you confirm a question I have reg. the legality of licensing for Qlik Sense.

According to a document, it says the following for User Access Pass:

The maximum number of parallel user connections for a single user of this type of access pass is

five (5). A user connection is the combination of device and browser that is used by a single user

to connect to Qlik Sense.

Let’s say I have a user access pass attached to a user named “Mark Zuckerberg”. Now legally, Mark will be able to use 5 parallel connections if required. Now should only Mark be doing this?

Or can he share the credentials with say "Larry Page" who can login on another device using his credentials? Although they are 2 different people, they are a single user.

I just want to evaluate my options as to what is legally possible.


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

You are posting a Qlik Sense question in a QlikView forum, which is kinda weird if you want targeted answers quickly.

You can still move your discussion to a proper Qlik Sense forum by following the steps outlined here: QlikCommunity Tip: How to move your discussion thread

The forum Qlik Sense - Installation, Deployment & Management seems like a good spot for your question.