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Creator III
Creator III

Qliksense - font change problem

Hi all

I wan to change the appearance of text in Qliksense. 

I left click on a title and I get this - why are background colour and font size etc greyed out?


poss (2).png

2 Replies

Because that is Plane Text where you applied in "Text & Image" object. So, It won;t return as expected. If you want to do mandatory, Then work around are

1) Using Themes and do custom format color from CSS Field

2) And, Go with Widget. It will return small code of snip.

Let me know if you still need help on this? I will make one sample example using Theme and CSS as well

Best Anil, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful
Creator III
Creator III

Thank you Anil - I would appreciate an example. 

Is there a way of just changing the title using <H1> the title </H>


if you point me to a tutorial.

Once again - Thanks