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Reload Task to run every hour during business hours.

Hi Experts,

Can someone help me setup reload task trigger to run every hour during business hours (Mon-Fri) 08:00-17:00.

Regards, Nitin

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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

I've not tried this but perhaps you could

1. Create a weekly task for 8:00am

2. Create one time tasks for each hour until 5pm

3. Create an on success trigger event task to link the weekly and the one time tasks together.

A bit of a faff but all the other options don't quite do what you need unless you manually set them up and I'm guessing you want to set this and leave it to run.

Hope this helps


Creator III
Creator III

If it is a back-end script (i.e. a QVD generator) have you considered an if statement so that it only fetches data at the times you require?

e.g. IF (WeekDay(TODAY()) <> 'Sat' OR WeekDay(TODAY()) <> 'Sun') AND (Hour(NOW()) >= 8 AND Hour(NOW()) <= 17) THEN

[whole script]


Otherwise, Andy's solution is a workaround. Alternatively, although tedious, ten tasks one for each hour.

Creator III
Creator III


For sure, this would only result in having to create 10 tasks. However, I was in a situation where some tasks had to launch every 15 minutes, some every half hour and some even every 45 minutes during work hours. The solution I conjured just prevents having to create one weekly task for each one of these that requires sub-hourly launches.

It's a "dirty" workaround, but the only one I could think off short of dabbling in some JS (which I don't know) to work directly through APIs.