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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Responsive Extensions

Is there an official statement/guidance from Qlik on how to develop responsive extensions that don't overlap and respond wrapping and resizing as appropriate?

I am hoping I am not the only one facing this issue. With Sense extensions are the predominant force and this is an important feature.

I have used the styled listbox extension for instance and as the window resizes, the buttons stay constant height and width (expected) but the objects start to overlap with each other making it unusable. One must full width the object to select it. On another case, the basic native table object will only show the header and not the row of data unless maximized to full size which is poor user experience.

Similarly, resizing of the grid is also a major heartache as the grids are very large and not suited for large resolution screens. The extensions available either seem to corrupt the qvf file or don't work as expected. Yes we can develop our extensions, but this is basic functionality any developer would encounter during customization.

Changeable themes which was easily accomplished in QV is another hurdle that I can't possibly imagine Qlik doesn't have on its radar apart from the options currently available.

Yes 3.2 will enable some of it but wondering if there are workarounds available today.

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