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Set analysis Logic

Hi All,

How to get count of Model in set analysis where model not present in last 4 week , but present in last 12 week

Thanks in advance



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi RajuKumar,

I got some idea to split the data into two sets and compare but I'm unable to achieve the required result fully. I hope below expression will give some idea to get the required solution:

Count(DISTINCT TOTAL {<DATE_COLUMN={">=$(=DATE(WeekStart(TODAY())-84,'YYYY-MM-DD'))<=$(=DATE(WeekStart(TODAY())-21,'YYYY-MM-DD'))"},DATE_COLUMN={">=$(=DATE(WeekStart(TODAY())-21,'YYYY-MM-DD'))"}>}MODEL)

Set Expression has two conditions:

First Condition to check the Date column between Last 12 weeks and Last 4 weeks start date 

Second Condition: Latest 4 weeks data

My idea is to take out the common records between these two criteria to come up with required result.

I hope this helps to achieve required solution.