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Contributor II
Contributor II

Summation of measures in column based on one dimension being equal or not equal to another one

As mentioned in the title, I am trying to get a summation of all the values in a column, based on one dimension being equal to another.






What I have done is create a measure 'Owning Value', where the material revenue is summed if the Deliverer is equal to the Owner, and a measure 'Delivering Value' where the material revenue is summed is the Owner and Deliverer do not match. This was done with P() as follows:

Sum({<[Invoice Number]=P({<[Owner]=[Deliverer]>})>}[Material Revenue])

Sum({<[Invoice Number]=P({<[Owner]-=[Deliverer]>})>}[Material Revenue])

While this works, it only works when I make a selection for the Deliverer. When this is done, I only get the results for one deliverer, when I would prefer to be able to see all of them (c. 65 unique ones).

Without a selection:








With a Deliverer selection:






Have I jut used the P() code incorrectly? Is there a way to achieve what I am trying?

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