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Trouble connecting 2 nodes


I recently installed Qlik Sense on 2 different remote desktops. The first is serving as a Central/Reload (containing an engine, repository, scheduler, and proxy) node and the second as a Hub. I am having difficulty understanding how to find the Hub (containing an engine, repository, scheduler, and proxy) installation through the QMC on my Central/Reload node. I have looked at the installation guide, but it does not seems to address the issue I am currently facing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I uploaded a quick multi-node setup guide before, and it could help you to understand the procedure of how to add a rim node.

Qlik Sense Multi-node Setup Guide



Hi Donish,

The Hub is not like AccessPoint, what you see in the Hub is what the Proxy service is actually serving, meaning that it is not a different component (it is not a web server).

Maybe you want to create an additional virtual Proxy to balance load from users accessing the system?