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User impact on AD changes inside Qlik Sense

Hello ,

i have a question about how to tackle the Active directory changes in Qlik considering that users information inside a new AD has also been changed.


for example  in Old AD , We had a user John Creative attached to email like,

Now in the new AD server , This was chaned to




Now the question is how can shift my AD authentication in Qlik to new server and sync the users?


Is this possible or do i need to establish new accounts for each and every user?



Best Regards


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@VamsiBhagavathula1 If this is for all users in the same domain from AAA to BBB, I would recommend changing the prefix of Virtual proxy domain in your configuration to map with BBB. After several days, You can clean all the domain that is AAA. 

Note, If I understand correctly the above approach may works. 

But, In case if you are referring to be update the Users info profile, IMO it works only after deleting the profile, for that I have posted recently to have that ASAP in the sync. If you want weight that, You can contribute the same in Idea portal here: Request | Feedback (

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