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Creator II
Creator II

cannot restore the repository


need your help since Qlik support are not helping me,

so the story is that I want to upgrade the Qlik Sense system, to do that I also need to upgrade the repository database,

but I cannot upgrade the repository because I have a @ in my password for the superuser,

what the support suggested is to backup the repository using this article:

then, uninstall the Qlik Sense system and restoring the repository (the new repository is version 14 and the old one is 12.5)

when I'm trying to restore using this line:

pg_restore.exe -h localhost -p 4432 -U postgres -d QSR -v "C:\QSR_Backup\QSR_backup.tar"

I'm getting the line below:

pg_restore: implied data-only restore

this does nothing (I'm checking with PGAdmin and see that the tables are still missing from the QSR Database.

maybe someone knows what to do here or have some other idea on how to upgrade the repository?


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Are you sure you need to apply the workaround mentioned above? According to QPI 1.40's release notes, special characters in passwords is now supported.



Creator II
Creator II

Wow this is really fresh update thank yo very much 

will try and update