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list box show field values dynamically by selecting button in Qlik sense

Hi All,

I have a filter in my report it contains 10 values.I have two buttons , if I selected  Button-1 to show only 5 values  in my list box/filter and if I selected button-2 it should show all values in my list box/filter.any help.

This expression Aggr(Field,Field) like wise i have to display my listbox based on button selection.



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HI, you can add a flag to those 5 values values on script, from there you have different options:

- One button selcts the flag leaving only this fields avaible, and the other deselects it

- One button set a varible to * and the other to 1 (the value of the flag). And use an expression like: Aggr({<FlagField={"$(variableName)"}>} Only({<FlagField={"$(variableName)"}>} Field),Field)

- Have 2 fields, one with all values and the other with just 5 of them, both in a container, one button shows one and the other button shows the other field