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Creator II
Creator II

sum duration...more solution.

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that has been plaguing me for days, I've read numerous posts but I can't figure it out.

On a DB table I have a field that indicates the hours worked in a month, distinguished by serial number. Clearly this value measures a "duration": possible values ​​can be for example: 150:00:00, or 125:45:00. The seconds are not important as the attendance tracking system rounds up to the minute. On the DB, however, the seconds are always expressed (and always 00).
The field on the DB is defined as TIME.

When it matters to QS, it's essentially like it doesn't recognize me the duration. It enters the value 00:00:00 for each serial number and does not add any.

How can I fix?

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Try loading the field like so: interval#('125:45:00', 'h:m:s')