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Help calculating some efficiency metrics - examples provided


I'm relatively new to Qlikview and wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on how to best measure the following (after trying several formulas and getting questionable results).

We have a daily surgery dashboard that tracks information on many aspects of the operating rooms among our facilities.

Surgeons have "block times" that are scheduled in advance for the given day and then we are looking at how closely they adhered to this time, so basically what is the scheduled (SCHED_START_TIME and SCHED_START_TIME) vs. actual time (PIR_DATE_TIME and POR_DATE_TIME)

1. On the summary, I want a metric that calculates out of x number of blocks, the surgeons met this % of blocks successfully (stayed within their designated time frame).

2. On the details, I want a metric that calculates yes/no as to whether the individual surgeon stayed within his block.

I came up with the formula for #1 that is:



But it doesn't seem right...thank you in advance for advice!



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Re: Help calculating some efficiency metrics - examples provided

Can you upload a sample document with relevant data? See this document in you're worried about confidential information: Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Re: Help calculating some efficiency metrics - examples provided

Thank you for that information, Gysbert.

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