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How to Summarize in Qlikview?


I was wondering how I could summarize on unique identifiers and get that count to show in a graph.

For example, I have 5 different accounts. Each account is listed multiple times in the data. I want a bar graph that will have a bar for each account (5 bars) representing the account on the X-Axis, with the Y-Axis reflecting the number of times each account appears (count).

Does anyone know the correct code syntax to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: How to Summarize in Qlikview?

i thinh you have already answer

dimension      Account

expression     count (somefield)

Re: How to Summarize in Qlikview?

Use the accounts field as dimension and count(AccountsField) as expression. Replace AccountsField with the real name of your accounts field.

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