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New page layout

Dear QlikCommunity Site Team,

I am unsure if this is the right place, but I'd like to ask - why has the Community page layout been changed, for the worse, and with no warning or notice? I logged in today and found a page that, while more helpful for a first-time user, is filled with completely irrelevant content for a returning user. I can't seem to locate any sort of customization option, revert-to-previous option, or any way to get at content that is actually helpful.

Things on the new page I find unhelpful:

* Adverts for QlikSense (I'm an existing Qlik user, or I wouldn't be on QlikCommunity. There's no reason to place ads for Qlik products at the top of the page in this context)

* Banners for seminars and "Meet the MVPs" (One-time content that is never relevant again and does not need to be featured at the top of my page as a returning user - if you'd like to highlight this, put it below the fold or off to the side where it won't interfere with "real" content)

* Quickstart / New to QlikView list of resources (as above, relevant to new users, once)

* Featured Discussions (No indication of which product / space they're from, which means there's no way to know if they're in any way relevant to my interests)

* Product spaces takes up the entire left side of the page, cluttering the content feeds that might actually be relevant.

Things on the new page I do find helpful:

* Honestly, none of the new additions are very useful from my perspective. I genuinely tried to pick something out, but the best thing I came up with is that some things (blog post section, resources section) haven't been changed, just moved around. All of the changes

Things that I miss from the old page:

* A list of recent threads split into QlikView / QlikSense (I only use QV, not QS)

* Having useful content "above the fold" rather than below it (see below)

* Blog posts being near the top where they "jump out" rather than at the very bottom where I have to scroll all the way down to check if there's anything new

Maybe I'm missing something here and this can be personalized, in which case I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction - but even then, I consider the above list of issues valid for the default layout.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New page layout

Hi Or,

Thank you for providing such detailed feedback! We're sorry to hear you dislike the new homepage layout. You input is valuable to us as we try to meet the needs of all our members.

This week we ran a survey in the community to find out what other members think, and we'll include your feedback with the survey results to determine how we can continue to improve the community.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments.

Best regards,

Qlik Community Team

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