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Problem with Reputation Points - Docu-mentor ?

Hi Guys,

For the mission Docu-mentor, it is asking to upload my first document. The requirement is "Badge is assigned after the document is reviewed and approved by moderator".

I have uploaded my first document and it is even approved by moderator. But I did not assigned with the badge or 100 points. What might be the issue here. Am I missing something here ?

Qlik Sense Waterfall Chart (No Extension)

This is my Document.

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Re: Problem with Reputation Points - Docu-mentor ?

This isn't quite the right place for this question. Community Information‌ would be better. Perhaps

ext_aaq‌‌ or sli‌ can move it there and answer your question as well.

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Re: Problem with Reputation Points - Docu-mentor ?

I had the same issue awhile back.

The problem for me at that time was that it only counted if I uploaded a QlikView document .qvw I was uploading Qlik Sense documents .qvf and getting nowhere.

I would have thought they would have recognised this and resolved by now as it effects gearhead to but as Gysbert says better to check with the community admins.

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